Increasing capacity by restoring dignity healthwise From LEDO in Lokichoggio

Post Date: 25 September 2017

Africa was ranked as second content that suffers hunger according to the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the world report compiled by the United Nations. East Africa was the most hit by hunger in Africa. Children’s Missions Africa plays key role of eradicating hunger amongst children and the vulnerable people through various partners in Kenya. It enables the implementation of feeding programs in adversely affected areas. This program gives food that is nutritious to some of the beneficiaries in Lokichoggio every Saturday of the year. The programs are run within communities so that they can impact the lives of the community extensively.

The program offers a portion of protein, cooking oil and cereal. These supplements help the development of body of children. As a result, the program has enabled the children to attend school and learn as their bodies are healthy. The program helps around 82 children. This makes the children excited and are happy to attend school. It also encourages the children to attend school and gain an education.

“This food really helps the orphans and families who lack any other means to access food,” Simprose Lorinyo the program coordinator explains. “As a result of the balance diet they receive the health of the children has improved and the children do not get sick as often.” She concludes.