Post Date: 06 July 2018

Children’s Mission Africa (CMA) is an independent trust registered in Kenya to monitor and advise programs funded by Skandinaviska Barnmissionen across the continent. CMA does this by providing technical and financial support to organizations. Children’s Mission Africa envisions Africa as ‘The continent where families live a life in dignity’ and it intends to do this by transforming communities to live holistic lives. CMA works with Children, Youth and Women in difficult circumstances

We seek to fill the position of Communications and Knowlegde Officer 


Job Purpose

The Communication and Knowledge Officer will engage in and support all the communication and knowledge management functions. S/he will work with the partners to ensure best practises in communication and knowledge management are followed. S/he will contribute towards and in the realization of the organizational strategic plan.

Capacity Building: The strongest instrument of driving development

Post Date: 18 June 2018

“Since we encountered CFE, we’ve changed our approach of leadership and financial management.” Says Ayub Musolo, the Executive Director of Multi-Purpose & Community Empowerment Association, during our discussion with him.

Economic growth through capacity building

Post Date: 13 June 2018

Chosiga Chiokungula is now an organization with 32 registered members thanks to the trainings offered by CFE to the leaders of the team. They now have an active savings group that facilitates its members with loans. The main idea for developing the group was economic growth as they began as a Village Saving and Loan Association. Fortunately, the training in financial management and resource mobilization has helped the group make progress towards their goals.

“Currently most of our members are farmers. We have three members who opened retail shops as a result of the savings group,” David Katetei, the chairman of the group, notes proudly.

Using community-based approaches to fight poverty 

Post Date: 11 June 2018

“After the training we noted that people from our community suffered because of poverty. The common cases were children suffering from malnutrition and people who are suffering from diseases but could not afford treatment as well as  families encoutering domestic violence,” he notes during a discussion with us. 

The group was focused on helping people invest in short-term projects to increase their level of income.  A family would start with five chickens and within three months they would have a total of 40 birds.  Additionally, the group encouraged the community to purchase pigs that would take care of the bigger financial needs such as school fees.  The young people were encouraged to start businesses before they decided to marry by the group who trained the people in Kamuli Center.

“Before the training, the income levels were low,” discloses Laurence.  We hope that in future we will have trainings that are tailor-made for the farmers.” He concludes.

Economic empowerment a solution to social injustice

Post Date: 04 June 2018

Recently, the community who are Christians managed to buy land for the church. This made Samuel proud of his congregants as they applied the skills they gained from the economic empowerment training.

“I have observed people starting small and growing. We hope that Lokotaime will be the model community for other villages. “ He adds hopefully.  

In addition, our committee will form an association for poultry farmers and banana farmers. This will help people learn and harvest better output because they are farming collaboratively.  

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