Building capacity that is solution oriented

Post Date: 26 February 2018

The capacity we build amongst our partners is generated through accessing the level of growth the organization has reached since its foundtaion. The tool used to access the level of growth of each partner is known as OCCA. Our capacity development manager Kevin Kadiri is in charge of accessing our partners and offering advice there after. In addition, we ask our partners their main burning issues and compare with our monitoring and evaluation results.

Training that changes the mindsetĀ 

Post Date: 12 February 2018

When we need different results when we use a different approach. Gerald went for the training with a different approach towards creation of wealth. However, the information he experienced in the training enabled him to look at life differently and approached his journey of wealth creation differently. 

Catching a vision from a misfortune

Post Date: 01 February 2018

Lack of employment is amongst the greatest challenges that most African young men face. Creating solutions by training people on entrepreneurship facilitates more people to understand how they can be skillful and utilize each skill to their benefit. Noel is an example of one life that has been changed through entrepreneurship. Join us in changing the mindset of young people through entrepreneurship and helping them find purpose and vision in life. 

Parents are strategic helpers to their children

Post Date: 29 January 2018

Mostly children who have parents are shielded against many challenges in life. Parents who are strategic become the strongest pillars in the lives of their children. Elisabeth Sawadogo understands how strategic she is in her children’s lives. 

The worry and the dream

Post Date: 22 January 2018

Kiemda had always dreamt of being an advocate. She was confident since she was a child she would achieve success in life with the strategic help of her parents. Her plight in life began when she lost her father who was the pillar of the family since he met most of their needs.

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